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Back to blog, again!


Hi All!

Finally its the holidays and I am able to get a breather from all those hectic schedule! :D (I know I always sound very busy, but I really am. How sad.)

Okay cut to the chase, I will just briefly introduce some item I got, as most are probably familiar to some.


First off will be OPI Black Shatter in the Katy Perry Collection.

My friend got this for me at Metro Compass Point, and it was going for $23. However because she has the discount card, I got it for $21 if I am not wrong. Absolutely love the effect, however it dries up really quickly when applying. So gotta be quick in painting on, but the consistency is pretty okay.


Next is MASKS!

These masks are from Taiwan and Korea. I got them at SASA, pricing are from $1.90 to $3.90. As said from the sales assistant, this month is the "masks season" hence there are many sales going on for the masks. True enough, the $3.90 masks are priced at $1.95 now! Go get yours soon before its sold out!

Left top: Aloe Vera + Vitamin E Mask

Right top: Bird's Nest Collagen Mask (Best seller)

Left Bottom: Crystal Q10 Elastin Eye Mask

RIght bottom, left: Tea Tree Mask Pack

Right bottom, right: Cucumber Collagen Essence Mask


I tried the bird's nest collagen and tea tree mask pack already, and am totally in love with it. Really soothing, moisturizing after using. Works fine with blemishes or pimples too, (I do not guarantee nothing will happen to your face as my skin is different from yours, but I do hope nothing happen but the best to work its way through your skin :D)

I believe the ones with Chinese characters are recommended by this show called nu ren wo zui da, a programme where they talk about beautiful tips and recommend products. Believe it or not, get your masks and try them now :)

Yes and this pore pack by Biore! :)

I believe this is not new to most, however since this is a haul kind of post, shall post this up too.


Lastly is (non-mu related), No caffeine tea! (Good for health and face) - sorry this is not that familiar to some I guess.

This is one tea that got me really curious, so I bought to try. It comes with five big packs, each containing ten small packs.

I was pretty turned off by the scent when I first opened the lid. However when I added in the hot water and started sipping, it tasted alright and it was pretty refreshing. I drink this two or three hours before I sleep, so as to prevent water retention.



Finally back and a haul?


Yes I know I haven't been blogging for a long time, the last post was on Nov 4! Thats really sometime ago, so sorry as I was busy and all. Okay now I am back, so let's begin with a small haul? I did not get much over the past months that I was away, however still gonna share with you girls what I got :D

First up, NYX concealer in C12.

This is a green concealer which is said to cover/conceal up red spots or blemishes as green is the opposite colour of red. I tried it and it worked well for me however I would advise not to pat on too much as the solution is pretty concentrated and a tiny pea size goes a long way.

Next up, Elf waterproof eyeliner pen in Black.

Awesome eyeliner and it really is a pen! It is like 0.3mm? (picture below)

The first line I drew is the tip and the second line is the side. Really thin and fine, good for drawing precise linework for dramatic makeup or cat eyes.

Lastly, Tony Moly Nail polishes.

Both are pretty colours, pastel-liked. This is the first time I get purple, starting to love it! :D

Colours are more true to the ones with flash. And if you are wondering why there seem to be some red nail polish here and there is because that's my gel extensions. I wish I had such long nails :( However one of the nail broke as that nail was too short and the extensions almost flipped the real nail. :( Gonna remove it soon, it looks odd and weird now.

*the extensions are alr 3 to 4 weeks old, fyi.

Okay till then! :D



Geo Lens


Above is the video on "How to open Geo lens bottle" by me :) This is the first time i make video, so do not mind if its a little not so professional :)

Anyway this is the website if you happen to have bought it and want to know, or just fyi :)


I have no problems wearing the lens unlike the other bloggers, however I do agree that the lens do dry up faster than ordinary lens. Hence not advisable to wear more than 6hours or everyday too. This is because your eyes cannot "breathe" and this will tire your eyes and you may feel giddy. Do consult your optician before buying will be the best advise :)


Forever 21 Love and Beauty Haul


I am an avid fan of Forever 21 for their accessories but not really for their clothings. I don't know why either. To date, I realised I have not got any clothings from there(online) yet, even in the local stores in Singapore. All I got is accessories, eg. rings, beauty products, earrings, and more rings! HAHA

Got these three packages from the special bundles(if i'm not wrong), from Forever 21 Love and Beauty. As you can see, its either $5 or $6 only! In US of course, but still its affordable after converting.

So I got the lipgloss and brushes set first, probably two or three weeks ago. Didn't managed to do a post, till now. :(

The flavors and smell of the lipgloss are really pleasant and sweet smelling! I may hold a giveaway for the lipgloss. It won't be an official kind of giveaway, just random. So if you wanna try or are interested, leave a comment!


Next is the brushes set.

It comes together with a pretty metallic pink pouch as well. Really cute although I am not a fan of pink.

These are the brushes. More of a starter first brush kit.

For every brush I buy or bought, I will definitely wash them before use. And fortunately I did that as the powder brush runs colour. What do I mean by that? First I used olive oil to moisturise the brushes, then use kids shampoo to wash the oil and cleanse the brushes. To my surprise, I saw "black" water from the powder brush(ONLY the powder brush)! But after dapping on the tissue or cloth, there wasn't any black stain on it. Thank God I have not used that brush yet!

Such a disappointment but well for the price I pay, I think it isn't much a problem. Luckily all the other brushes work fine.

Okay last of all(just received this a few days ago!), the hair brush set.

Was pondering whether to get this as my hair brushes I've been using are still working alright. In the end still got it for idk what reason, lol.

Just returned to the website and found more deals on the makeup brushes, so do go check it out. As for the hair brushes, they are selling it individually now.

So till then!




Missing for the past weeks


I know I have been away for quite some time and haven't been updating a lot. Shall haul soon, so do keep a look out!
Anyway I realised that I can't comment more than once to enter giveaway, pretty sad. Do you girls get the same problem?

This is rather a short message to say that im back, and its my holidays! :P

Till then.




This month seems to be a month of giveaways!

More onsugarettes are having it, so do join in the fun :)

Photo credit to luvverlyn

FIrst up, luvverlyn is having her 1st giveaway and themed as colour playground :) Really cute.

Click here to join in!


Photo credit to thefacedoodler

Next is thefacedoodler, she's giving 10 nail polish to just one winner!

Click here to join in!


Good luck :D


More giveaway!


Not from me, but from lovely bloggers :)

I hope i can have more giveaways, soon very soon!

Photo credit to 7bella

First stop, 7bella is giving away to show appreciation to her customers, and prices given away are v attractive!

Join in the fun now! Click here! :)


Photo credit to msblackbush

Second, is by msblackbush, she's giving away on her birthday! So do wish her :)

Click here to join!


Photo credit to ladeekim

Last is by ladeekim, she is giving it for National Day! Awesome or what?

So don't wait and click here now to join :)






Pictures speak more for themselves. Less is more.

Items are bought during the month of July and first week of Aug.

Eos lipbalm in summer fruit, love the flavour, yummilious!~

Crack Creme is for my mom, and she's praising the product. Awesome product, do consider buying :)

Revlon soft nude, many should be familiar with it, sorry no swatch for it as i've not opened the side sticker yet.

Kabuki brush from everyday minerals, bought from one of the onsugarette, Really cute and really mini!

Accessories from asos, i love gold colour!

Non haul, but nail of the week for in July :)

*sorry for the lack of update due to busy schedule, will be back soon during the YOG!




The giveaway is pushed forward because I will be busy and away for two months or so and will not be able to hold the giveaway. Therefore thanks for all who had participated, and below are the winners!

Winner for blog giveaway is........

And winner for twitter giveaway is....

Winners please personal message your name and address :)

*prizes not claimed one week later will be 'confiscated'.



Imma Pink's first giveaway!


Imma Pink is having her first giveaway! Join here! :D

*image is from honeycandyzchillz.onsugar.com

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